Software Development

Overview :

For every business entity change is inevitable across all its market segments, functions, applications, tools and technologies. They deal with multiple requirements from their end clients and therefore face business challenges when they find their software applications inadequate for fulfilling their changing needs. It means that there is very often a need that emerges for engaging a partner who understands their technical requirements and can design customized application solutions that solve their strategic and tactical operational challenges.

What we offer :

We at iSol have experienced system analysts and programmers who can work for you on requirement analysis, application development and maintenance. Our focal point is not only application development but also its collaboration, deployment, management, migration and customization.

·         Business Application Development and Management

·         Intranet & Extranet Portal Development

·         Internet Application Development

·         E-commerce development

·         Business Analytics implementation

·         ERP & CRM application deployment

Our Value proposition :

At iSol, a unique combination of skills, experience and a proven development process combine to produce outcomes of the highest quality. iSol is the right choice for customers seeking professional project management, commitment to innovating and a short time to market. Our value proposition emphasizes the following as main benefits to the customer:

·         Guaranteed performance levels

·         Predictable costs

·         Guaranteed application up-time